Electronics assembly and boxbuild

Elektronikmontage & boxbuild

One of our core competencies is the assembly of electronics and mechatronic products.

We perform assembly and testing of electronic medical equipment, such as respiratory measuring devices, and based on assembly drawings, bills, workmanship standard IPC-A-620, as well as best practice within ESD, we perform boxbuild, where we mount printed circuit boards, cables and mechanical parts in cabinets.

Our employees are GMP-trained, and are continuously updated on the field.

Significant synergy effects can often be achieved by letting OTD Packing Service ApS be responsible for the overall installation of a medico device, as we have equipment for both mechanical assembly with ultrasonic welding, and competencies and equipment for professional, medico-approved tampo printing of e.g. logo.

Contact us at salg@otd-packing.dk or call us on +45 55 81 24 26 if you want to hear more about what we can offer.