Ultrasonic welding

Elektronikmontage & boxbuild

Ultrasonic welding is often a better alternative to gluing, and especially ideal in the medico context.

We are experiencing an increasing demand for this technique, which can also be used in connection with some of our existing assembly tasks within medico-electronics.

Often the choice falls on ultrasonic welding when the task requires fast processing times, high reliability and precision, or if you want to avoid additives and solvents.

The technique is also characterized by the quality, strength and accurate reproducibility of the welds. Ultrasonic welding can be used, in addition to welding together plastic blanks, for riveting, inserting metal blanks and threaded pieces in plastic, die shearing, cutting textiles and much more.

At OTD Packing Service, we collaborate with Rinco Ultrasonics Denmark, which provides technical know-how and task-specific tools for our projects. We apply ultrasonic welding in-house, and control the entire process through ISO 9001.