Tampo printing

Print on products in many different materials.

OTD Packing Service offer tampo printing of logo, text etc. on 3D objects. We print on most types of materials, in one or more colors and in large and small series. Always in the highest quality.

Tampo printing, (pad printing), is known as a safe and durable method for 3D printing on many different materials. Tampo printing is performed using a plastic or steel cliché, a tampo and printing ink. From the tampo, the motif is transferred via the cliché to the object. It may sound simple, but delivering a high quality product requires experience, care and patience.

Together with the customer, we make sure that we have all the necessary knowledge about handling and the requirements for the product. Requirements  include for example color-type on medico products.

Benefit from our experience and the synergy in the fact that OTD Packing Service both process, assemble, print and package.

We undertake assembly, processing, tampo printing and the packaging of large and small series. Individual assignments or ongoing productions.

Contact Oscar Møller Nielsen at oscar@otd-packing.dk or phone +45 31 14 03 80, for a chat about the possibilities in tampo printing or for an offer on a specific task.