Ad hoc packing
Electronics assembly and boxbuild
Ultrasonic welding

Tampo printing
Controlled environments
At OTD Packing Service, we handle processing, assembly and packaging of products for the medico industry, the plastics industry and the fine mechanics industry. We have more than 25 years of diverse experience from both medico and non-medico contract packages and ad hoc productions.

We therefore know the challenges and limitations of, for example, plastic production, and we can contribute to testing and further development of products, in which we have considerable  experience.

In recent years, we have also worked with continuous productions where we assemble and test electronics in medical devices. Electronics assembly, cable assembly and boxbuilding are among those of our services that we have invested heavily in, in the recent years. We have upgraded both our employee training and our physical facilities. So we have the necessary competencies and facilities to work with electronics according to the ESD rules, and we continuously update our production facilities, tools and aids so that they comply with the best practice in the field, and the requirements for the task currently in process.

OTD Packing Service offers in-house ultrasonic welding and tampo printing, also known as “pad printing”. We can therefore offer a complete solution with assembly, printing of eg. logo or barcode and packing of products under one roof. It provides an economic synergy effect, and ensures better quality than with individual suppliers. And then our customers are happy to talk to the same contact person during the whole process of their product.

Regardless of the type of task, we ensure that we have all the necessary knowledge about the handling of and requirements for the product, and we are happy to be involved in the development and manufacturing of any auxiliary tools for assembly.

We can act as a permanent partner if there is a desire to outsource part of the production, or we can solve a sea of different ad-hoc tasks, such as a contracting packaging solution. Always with a high quality in focus, work performed according to GMP and ISO 9001.

So please feel free to contact us for a chat about how we can solve bottleneck issues in the production, or to get an offer for a total solution.

Contact Sales:

Oscar Møller Nielsen
Phone 31 14 03 80