Get started

Draw on our competencies and get started quickly

At OTD Packing Service, we make the most of the relationship with our customers, because we aim for good and long customer/supplier relationships. So the first step in working with us is always a conversation about expectations.

We identify the customer’s needs and talk about how we can help – preferably at a physical coffee meeting, but if not it can be done online.

OTD Packing Service is, as often, deeply involved in the customer’s projects – from product development, where we assist with regulatory and production technical knowledge, over test phase and production of 0-series, to initiation of ordinary production.

We strive to ensure that the same contact person with us continues to follow the customer throughout a start-up process. After this, it is a permanent team leader or order processor who deals with the individual customer, so that knowledge and experience is preserved with the team.

In connection with the start-up of a new product, we can offer categorization, validation and preparation of documentation in connection with production. In addition, we can help with applications to various relevant authorities, e.g. in connection with CE marking.

If the project requires it, we are happy to enter into a confidentiality agreement in the development process.