Ad hoc packing

Increase capacity during periods of peak loads or during project tasks

Over the years, OTD Packing Service has collaborated with a number of companies as their permanent partner for the tasks that they do not have the capacity to finish themselves.

We act as a buffer for extraordinarily large orders, or for sudden tasks, such as repackaging products. We can also help with rework, disassembly and new assembly of products, quality control or with distribution of packages….and much more.

With us in the background, the customer has the opportunity to bid on tasks that are larger than what they can normally handle in-house. We carry out the tasks ad hoc and when the need arises.

All tasks are handled by GMP-trained employees, and we work according to the ISO 9001-2015 / ISO 13485 principles. We divide our tasks into three categories according to documentation requirements and the scope of regulatory work in general.

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