We handle a wide range of manual and machine packing tasks


If a small product has to be packed individually, requires extra protection, or if it has to be shown on a display, then “blister packing” is the right choice.

Most people know blister packing from medicine packaging, but it is used for much more than that. At OTD Packing Service, we offer to pack items in blister packs, shaped according to the product.

The box is sealed with foil or cardboard. If it is a medical device product, TYVEK is used. The blister pack can be provided with a logo, user manual, barcode or other important info. In addition, a hanger option can be added.

Bag packing

The options are many when it comes to bag packing. Format, color, material and quality can be combined in endless possibilities. Many customers think in green lanes, and choose packaging and thus bags in environmentally friendly materials. Because it is certainly possible today.

We pack in single bags or chain packs, with and without perforation, with print of logo, barcode or other. With transparent or colored foil.

We pack manually in e.g. Ziplock bags, on semi-automatic packing machines and on a fully automatic packing line, depending on what the task requires.

Contact us for information regarding plastic and package types.

Manual packing and packaging

Not all products are suitable for packing in a box or a bag on a machine. Reasons for this can be the order volume is too small, the product is assembled in manner that it cannot be packed, or the product is too fragile for machine handling. In those cases, we pack manually and with the same good quality and control, ready for release, which is used in machine packing.

We offer packaging for shipping (shipper boxes), which fits perfectly with the product boxes and bags we pack. Thus, the product comes out in a good condition, and looks its best when it lands with the recipient.

We use a regular network of partners and suppliers for packaging solutions, and together with them we can handle almost all manual packing and packaging tasks.

Many of our tasks are recurring productions, but we also handle ad-hoc packaging.